Friday, September 23, 2011

**ADULT ONLY** Eden Fantasys website reveiw

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would write my review on the sexy costumes that are offered at Eden Fantasys. They do offer a variety of adult toys, and sensual love items but I will leave those things for you to explore on your own.  has a variety of sexy costumes available! Some are a more for the bedroom, but some are super cute and fun! While I now have kids, and we dress up as a family, if my husband and I do go out after we take the kids trick or treating, it is the one time a year you can dress as sexy as you want to and its ok!

They have a variety of costumes and they are reasonably priced too! Here are a few of my favorites:

 Female Firefighter $38.99

 Football Player $34.99

Pirate $29.99

Super fun costumes and they are not too sexy either! I like Eden Fantasys, they are a clean website. While I have never ordered anything yet, so I am not sure about customer service, I do like that they do not have x rated pictures on their site. You can shop in the privacy of your home too! 

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