Monday, February 14, 2011


I participate in a variety of rewards programs. If I am already buying the items or searching the internet, why not get rewarded for it? Here is a list of the places I get rewards from!

Search & Win

You can earn "swag" bucks for using their search engine. Also every few searches you win more points. If you print coupons through them, you get 10 swagbucks for every coupon redeemed.
You can save up your swag bucks and than use them to purchase numerous things in their store.

Baby Bucks
Baby bucks is a great program for parents through Family Fresh. Make any baby related purchase at Family Fresh Market and you will receive a Baby Bucks slip at check out. Save $150 baby bucks and get a $10 Family Fresh gift card.

Register Rewards
At Walgreen's on advertised items you can collect Register Rewards. At check out you will receive a slip that has your earned dollar amount, that you can use on your next visit.

My Coke Rewards
If you are like me and drink Coke all day long, or any other beverage made by Coke than you can be earning points. There are codes on qualifying items, enter them and start earning rewards. (The website has a list of all qualifying drinks)


On Pampers wipes and diaper packages, there are codes. Enter those codes at their Gifts to Grow website and you can either donate your points to charity or you can collect the points for yourself. They have a list of rewards, including some valuable coupons!

This program is like Pampers, collect codes from diapers and wipes. Enter your codes to be redeemed towards rewards, or donate to charity!

Recycle bank
 I just started this one! It teaches you about how to live life a little more "green". I earned 140 points quickly in just doing things on their site. I was able to cash in 115 of those for a 1 year magazine subscription!!  Plus you can learn other ways to earn points from things you already buy!