Friday, September 23, 2011

Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet review

I had the honor to review an Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet. I chose the word "FEARLESS" for mine. I was reading the book Fearless by Max Lucado, so it seemed like the perfect choice.

I wanted to review the bracelet to give me an extra boost on my runs and to help me go farther. I am not really a jewelry person, but I wanted to see if it would help. I also was not sure a peice of leather and metal could make me feel better during my runs, but I was wrong.

I put the bracelet on (which coincidentally came the same day I finished the book Fearless, it was meant to be) as soon as I got. The only time I have taken it off is when I am in the shower. I felt empowered just by putting it on. My first run with it was shortly after my surgery, and I ran the farthest I had run since my last 5K. When ever I felt tired, or that I wanted to turn around and run home, I rubbed the word Fearless and kept going. It gave me a new found strength to keep going.

I am FEARLESS! I have even signed up for the Tough Mudder, the hardest obstacle/run in the US. Its 10 miles and 20 military obstacles, I know that with my Warrior Training Bracelet I can do it!  

I am usually not one to spend $20 on a jewlery item, but I have got to say it is totally worth it! I may even buy different sayings so if I am feeling a certain way one day I can accessorize with the encouragement I need to finish my training! My husband is also going to start trainging for the Tough Mudder with me, and I know that he really likes my bracelet so I know what he will be getting for his birthday!! 

Order yours  now! There are a variety of sayings! The bracelets are great for running, training, even just every day life. We can all use some form of encouragement from time to time. The Warrior Bracelets are perfect for that! 

Add them on Facebook, and tell them I sent you! Each month they are giving away a Warrior Training Bracelet. Also stay up to date on other offers and promotions and just get inspired!

(Note: Online they have a how to figure out your size. It is spot on. My wrist measured 6 in and I went up the .5 and ordered a 6.5. If fits perfect, if you want a looser fit, however I would add another inch instead of .5 inch.)
I did receive the Warrior Training Bracelet for free in exchange for my review.However all the opinions above are mine and mine alone...I am very happy with it!!!

**ADULT ONLY** Eden Fantasys website reveiw

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would write my review on the sexy costumes that are offered at Eden Fantasys. They do offer a variety of adult toys, and sensual love items but I will leave those things for you to explore on your own.  has a variety of sexy costumes available! Some are a more for the bedroom, but some are super cute and fun! While I now have kids, and we dress up as a family, if my husband and I do go out after we take the kids trick or treating, it is the one time a year you can dress as sexy as you want to and its ok!

They have a variety of costumes and they are reasonably priced too! Here are a few of my favorites:

 Female Firefighter $38.99

 Football Player $34.99

Pirate $29.99

Super fun costumes and they are not too sexy either! I like Eden Fantasys, they are a clean website. While I have never ordered anything yet, so I am not sure about customer service, I do like that they do not have x rated pictures on their site. You can shop in the privacy of your home too! 

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at