Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Children's Claritin Review

Shortly before our daughters second birthday we learned that she had multiple food allergies. Soy, eggs, dairy and tree nuts. Before we got the allergy scratch test our doctor recommended trying Children's Claritin to see if that would help her from getting reactions so often. It worked! When we had the allergy scratch test and found out what she was allergic too, we were able to than watch what she ate to avoid the reactions. We still kept the Claritin around just in case she ate something wrong and needed it. 

Being a Bzz Agent I was given the chance to do a review on Children's Claritn. I received a free sample in exchange for my review. Not that I like to drug my child, but I signed up. She has thankfully out grown almost all of her food allergies, but with spring time we have discovered she now has seasonal allergies. 

I tried the Children's Claritin (Good for ages 2-6) to see if it would help with her red itchy eyes, and her constant runny nose. Day one, nothing happened, but I was glad it was non drowsy and she was able to still run around and have fun. Day 2, nothing happened either, and the same with day 3. She still has the red itchy eyes and a runny nose. Her nose may have not required a Kleenez every 5 minutes, but she still needed one every 10. 

I am not sure why it worked great for her food allergies and did not work for her seasonal allergies. Maybe with having the food allergies, her body has gotten used to the medication, maybe she needs to be on it longer, I am not sure. 

I still think it is a good product and it is 24 hours and non drowsy which it a plus. It just did not work on my daughter this time.