Saturday, April 2, 2011

CSN Review

I received the rug above from CSN Stores in exchange for my review. I guess it is more of a review from HCL'S kids!

I was very excited to get this rug! I had one when I was younger and I loved to play with it, so I was excited to see if my kids liked it as well. My 3 year old daughter loves cars and big trucks so she had a ton of fun racing the cars around and parking them by and on the different buildings in the town. My 10 month old son really liked to chew on it. I will give him a few more months to get the hang of moving the cars around!

I think the rug is great! You can fold it up and take it with you to Nana and Papa's, or you can put it away so your son wont eat it!It is convenient, well priced and provides hours of entertainment!

So I suggest you visit the CSN Stores with over 200 stores online there is something for everyone!