Monday, June 13, 2011

How I shop

Want to know how Hudson's Coupon Lady get ready for a shopping trip? I will tell you:)I have been debating on whether or not I should tell you how I shop, for fear you will venture away and no long visit my site, but I figured that you should all have the proper tools to save the most. I just hope you will continue to check in every week, for the deals that I have posted, notes and of course the freebies and giveaways!! 

So, first I go through the weekly ads and make a list of the things I need that are on sale. I than visit We Use, I click on the "Find Coupons" than "Coupon Database" tabs. Once here, I enter in the brand or name of the item that I am looking to purchase. I than get a list of all coupons available to me! This can be printable coupons or coupons from the paper, and sometimes other sources. (NOTE: This data base is for our state and although 99% of the time we have the coupons available, sometimes they were not in out papers or were a different amount) 

After I have the coupons that I need, I make a list. I usually type it because it can get a bit messy. I make a list of what I am buying and what amount off I am going to be getting with coupons and how many coupons I have for that item. (In case I am able to stack coupons) That way, when I am at the store, I can look at the price to double check and know what it will cost with me with what I am getting off. 

I get all my items, and find an aisle that is not busy. I go through all my coupons and make sure I have all my coupons ready and the correct amount of items. I try and find a line that is not full and someone that looks like they are in a good mood. (I usually have a large stack of coupons) I also watch to make sure the correct amount is being taken off on the register. (NOTE: Some Target coupons will say Store Coupon $0.00, don't worry your coupon is working and it will show on your receipt.) 

That is how I get ready for a shopping trip and do my shopping! Did I miss anything? Any questions? 
Next to come is how I organize my coupons:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here Burns my Candle **Book Review**

I read Here Burns My Candle after the second book, Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs. (I did not know there was a first book until I started reading the second.)
Although reading them out of order, the book was still great! I was swept up into the life of Bess in the 1700's and could feel her emotions. The writer is very good with detail and tells the story well.

The story is about the Kerr family who lives in Edinburgh in 1745. They have multiples test of faith and tests of strength through out the book. I think that the Kerr Women are a strong set of women and they grow even stronger through out the story.

I would recommend this story to anyone that is interested in historic stories. It was a great read!My only complaint was I knew what was coming in the second book so I did not get into this one as much as the second. I know that if I would have read them in the correct order than I would have had the book done in a day or two. Liz Curtis Higgs has a writing style that I really like.

(Note: I did receive this book in exchange for my review. However, all the opinions are mine and mine alone.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What the heck is stacking coupons?

Stacking coupons can be VERY hard to understand. So this will hopefully help explain it a little further.


Target has online coupons that you can print. (Note: some will print manufacture coupons and those can not be stacked) They will have the Target bulls eye on the bottom and at the top say Target Web Coupon. These coupons CAN be used with a coupon that comes from the manufacture.

Target + Manufacture

These two coupons can be used to get $4 off any Nivea Body Wash listed on the coupon, so in the end your body wash will more than likely be FREE!

There are also coupons from Target that you get in the paper, mail, or from peelie's off product you HAVE purchased. These coupons will say Target Coupon and have the Target Bulls Eye on them.
You can stack these the same as the Target Web Coupons. 

Walgreen's has a variety of online coupons every month, that are also in their coupon book. They are called Instant Value Coupons (IVC). You can get your coupon book at any Walgreen's store.Also every weekly ad has a variety of Walgreen's coupons in it too. 
This is an example of an Ad coupon, which if you had a MANUFACTURE Aquafina coupon you could use BOTH coupons. 

This is an Example of an Instant Value Coupon (IVC) you can use the
 Kotex Coupon with a MANUFACTURE coupon to get even more off! 

This is what the Walgreen's June Coupon book looks like.

(These are some of the coupons from the 8 weeks of savings. Although I am sure yours are not covered in spaghetti sauce... some little hands got to them!) Notice the Dawn one, there will more than likely be a .25/1 this weekend in the P&G Insert which means I will get the dish soap for .54 when I use both coupons. (Store + Manufacture)

Family Fresh will also have coupons from time to time that you can use with a manufacture coupon. The Coupons that you get that are for 8 weeks of savings can be stacked with a manufacture coupon. Also from time to time there are coupons in their ads that say Store Coupon, these if for a manufacture item like Oscar Mayer, Tide, Etc. can be stacked.

(If I had a Gold'n Plump Coupon from the Manufacture I could use the above coupon with that for even more savings.)

County Market has Coupons in their ad every week that say County Market Coupon as long as they are the Hudson, County Market Coupons you can use them at our location and use them with a Manufacture coupon for more savings.

One thing I need to make note of is that is it NOT ok to use multiple manufacture items for the same product. Even if the register does not beep at you I have yet to see a Manufacture coupon that states you can use more than one manufacture coupon on the same item. Doing so is considered fraud. While you may scam the cashier and save more money, in the end you are giving the coupon community a bad name. Also The retailer and manufacture are out money than, and eventually may stop accepting coupons. So if you are unsure, please be honest and ask a customer service member. There are many ways to save A LOT with coupons with out lying and scamming the system. 

If you have anymore questions about stacking coupons that I did not answer, please leave a comment or email me at 

Happy Savings!