Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Spunge UPDATED Review

I hate to write a negative review, and felt horrible writing one about the Fun Spunge. I was sent 2 new Fun Spunges to try again. The first one that I had received was from the first production line. My son got an awesome Flames one and my daughter got a pink and white polka dots one. 

I was VERY happy with these new one. The quality was so much better. They were sewn correctly and looked nice and neat. I was also able to get them on my kids heads this time with following their directions carefully.
You know when you get something and there are directions, but you figure its common sense I can figure it out. Yeah, I am one of those people and while I did follow the directions and got the Fun Spunge wet, I did not stretch it as far as it would go. I thought I would rip it and break it, not the case. 

The Fun Spunges absorbed the water and soap so none got into Madison or Carter's eyes. They also thought it was so cool to have something new in the tub. So it was defiantly a win win. 
I take back what I said in my previous review and I would recommend this product! (I AM NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS.) This would be a great gift for kids, grand kids, shower gifts, birthday gifts, etc!!

( I was NOT compensated for this review, the above opinions are really mine!)