Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zylie the bear Review

Zylie the Bear is and beautiful 18" teddy bear that is like NO other bear! While I have been asked numerous times if she is one of the Build a Bear's, I kindly tell everyone about her, as well as the fact she is so much better than Build a Bear and made with more quality (in my opinion)! If you are like my daughter you may have a child that likes to dress their dolls, but also wants to play with a doll that is soft enough to cuddle. Zylie is that, she comes with clothes, that quite frankly I am totally jealous of and if they fit I would wear them, they are super fashionable and made with excellent quality!. She also comes with a cute purse that contains, a diary, a passport, and a map of where Zylie travels. Travels you ask? Yes Zylie comes with her own educational books about her travel experiences. She is a well traveled 12 year old bear! 

Besides loving Zylie, the great makers of Zylie are as sweet as my favorite cherry pie too! Besides being generous enough to send Madison her very own Zylie bear to review and fall in love with, they donate some of the proceeds to the China Care Foundation. The China Care Foundation, offers underprivileged orphans the opportunity at a variety of surgeries, they other wise would not be able to receive!.
Here is Madison's review!

Zylie's temporary home for transportation
When Madison opened the box and saw Zylie I thought she was going to cry she squealed so loud and was so excited! 

After being very patient and letting me take pictures, Madison finally got to hold her Zylie bear. This is the point where I really did start crying! She was so much more than what I was expecting. Words can not describe the look of my daughters face when she held her for the first time.Zylie is so soft I would even cuddle her (although my husband would probably not appreciate that!). I also needed the tissues because as I saw the excitement on Madison's face, I knew that I was not the one that put that smile there, the generous makers of Zylie put that smile there. They truly are amazing people that care about others!

So Excited!!

It did not take long before Zylie felt like she was at home either! She had her own bed in a matter of minutes! 

No longer the dolls bed, Zylie took over! 

Although, Zylie did not make it to her own bed for nap time! 

We did a lot of different things with Zylie! We went to the library and read books, we went to the Farm City Days, (she had to stay in the car, we didn't want her to smell like a farm)She has to come with us every where, and she always has to have her seat belt on! If I forget to buckle her the world ends!

They even showed their dance skills together at Target! 
(I am suppose to inform everyone that Zylie loves Justin Beiber too!)
Madison and Zylie had fun reading stories and giggling together! 
Zylie also came with accessories!

Her super cool purse with her size items!

The Zylie "New York" Book and other outfits that can be purchased.

There is also a Panda bear Shen, that is the boy "doll". He comes his own goodies as well. Which maybe they will be SUPER generous and send me Shen because my son is getting very jealous of all the attention Zylie is getting! I think he feels a bit left out! 

You can visit the Zylie the Bear website HERE! I know that Christmas is a ways off but this would be the perfect gift for so many girls and boys. I know our hearts melted and we now have a new family member, and I know yours will too as soon as you meet Zylie or Shen!

Thank you!!