Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skite Review:)

As a female runner, I want comfort, and quality in my work out attire, as well as I want to look cute! I have had the great honor of working with a wonderful woman that makes something that fits all those things, I introduce you all to the SKITE. Skirt + Tight = Skite! 

I tried the Skite on in 2 occasions (much more than that, but 2 I will  review about)!

1st wearing:
  • I wore the Skite after I had surgery, because I could not yet wear regular jeans.
  • Super comfortable for every day wear
  • I got numerous comments on how cute the Skite was
  • Even the men in my life thought it was super cute
  • I would wear this every day, it is super comfortable and VERY flattering!!!
  • Hold everything nice and tight! (No muffin top!!)
2nd wearing:
  • I wore the Skite on a 2 mile run
  • I had no annoying chafing, that I sometime (the majority of the times) get in my running shorts
  • The tights and the skirt stayed in place, I did not need to stop and adjust
  • I felt more confident because I felt like one hot mama in my Skite:)
  • Although the majority of warm weather runs are over, the Skite did NOT make me feel any warmer than when I run in my shorts (does work great on cool runs too)
  • There is a pocket on the inside for a key, ID, Kleenex (my nose always runs).
  • The Skite really is super comfortable and is going to be a permanent fixture in my wardrobe - exercise and daily!

 Washing the Skite is super easy, wash in cold water and let air dry. I just hung my Skite up over night and it was dry by morning. The tights held their shape too! I have leggings for regular every day use that if I hang them to dry they do not keep their normal shape.

There are a variety of different colors to pick from , check out the Skite site HERE. She is adding new colors too!! The Skite runs a bit larger so I recommend ordering a size smaller. I usually wear a Medium in my running shorts and I got a small in the Skite and it fits perfect!

The only con that I could possibly come up with is that the Skite does sit a bit high on the waist.I personally like my clothes to rest lower. So I just pushed the top part down and it stayed in place and fit just how I wanted it too:) She is coming out with a "Skinny Skite" too, that will have a lower waist!! So over all everything I found about the Skite is PERFECT!!! 

I truly recommend purchasing one, two, well maybe three or four! They are great for running, working out, lounge, errands, really they are great for every day wear!! So GO HERE and get yours now!!