Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heely's Review -By me...not my kids!

When I got the offer about the Heely's promotion, I was super excited! I did not know they made Heely's for adults! After I got them I was even more excited, they are sooo cute! Well I tried them in my kitchen for the first time and my husband had a great laugh that I fell in seconds. I decided to watch the "How to Heely Video" that can be found here. After watching the video I got a much better idea of what I was suppose to do. I still thought it would be safer to wait until after my first 5K to start practicing, that is why this post is so much later than when I got my shoes.

I think it was a wise choice in waiting, as you can see from the above picture, (my husbands favorite!!) I biffed it a few times! I still do not have the skill down but I am not giving up! I may have to buy the Heeely HX2 to get me started.(more to come on that soon)

What I like about the shoes:
  • Style
  • Fun factor
  • Dare factor
  • Color
  • Removable wheels to make them regular street shoes
What I dislike about them:
  • I have wide feet and I wish I would have ordered a 1/2 size larger like they recommend. 
  • Got a blister on my baby toe from wearing them like street shoes because of the above issue.

So I think the pros out weigh the cons. I just put a band aid on my toe and it was much more comfortable! There are a variety of cute colors and styles available too. My husband, while he obviously enjoyed the laughter involved in this review was very jealous and asked for his own pair! 

Here is some info on the Heely's shoes! They have one wheel that can be removed so that shoes can be worn as regular street shoes. If you purchase Heely's HX2, these are for younger people or beginners. They have 2 wheels, that offer more balance and require less leg muscles. You can than take our the front wheel when you are ready to transition to the regular Heely shoe or take out both for the regular shoes.

**Shop for your Heely's HERE **

I recommend this shoes to anyone that wants to learn something new. It is very fun, scary at first but fun! Plus an added bonus is they can become regular shoes too!

(Disclosure: I did receive these shoes free of charge in exchange for my review. However all opinions are mine and mine alone.)