Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fotolia Review

I have had the great experience of reviewing Fotolia.com. They have over 13 million images, vectors, and videos. There were so many images I could not even get through all of the categories for my review, but I was very happy with what I saw.  They had something for everything I typed into their search box. I was not disappointed with any aspect of this site. You can even download individually or download all your images at once. (They were ready to download in minutes)

Fotolia offers a variety of Subscriptions from, 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year. You can also purchase single downloads, that are between $0.75 and $3.75 depending on size. Stock photos start at just $0.14! Here are some of the images I really enjoyed!

I can make my own labels with these images

I can change my hair style:) 

This photo says so much! 

These are a few of the great images that are available at Fotolia. Visit their site and if you are interested in a 2 week FREE subscription (3 images a day) please email me. (hudsons.coupon.lady@gmail.com) 


Friday, July 22, 2011

My Love Book **Review**

My Love Book is a new creative way to show some one special how much they mean to you. You can pick the questions that you want to answer, and they turn it into a beautiful hardbound book. You can also pick your cover style, and font. Plus, this does not need to be for only romantic relationships. Do you have a girlfriend getting married this summer? I think this would be a great gift for a bridal shower!


Since I am a sappy romantic, and love to do anything I can to show my husband how much he means to me, I chose to make my book for him. It was fun to pick the questions I wanted to answer, and it was also nice to think of different reasons I admire him, or different things that we have done over the years. It was very simple to create and did not take long at all. Plus I got my book in less than a week! 

Inside cover page front/back

One fault in our relationship is we are both HORRIBLE at surprises, so needless to say I could not wait for a special occasion to give the book to him. However he was still excited to receive it. When I told him about the review (see no surprises in this house) he suggested I make it for my dads birthday , but I already had a great birthday gift for dad. My husbands response to the book was, "I liked it a lot, and smiled from the front cover to the back." Usually its just a "Thank you, I like it", so I am pleased with this response!

 Design is located on opposite page from text

Visit My Love Book to see the different styles of books they have available. $49.99 will get you one of these great books, and to me I would rather receive a book like this, than earrings or a jumbo thing of chocolates. This is more from the heart, and filled with a story you created!

Stay tuned...There will be a giveaway starting next week, where one lucky HCL reader will win their own My Love Book (you only pay shipping starting at $5.95)! 

I received a My Love Book free for my review. All opinions are still mine though:)

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doing Virtuous Business **Book Review**

Doing Virtuous Business  by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is a book that looks at "Spiritual Capital" along with "Social Capital". 

I have had this book on my book shelf for a couple months now awaiting my review, and sadly it will be headed back to my shelf for the 4th time. I have tried to read this book 4 times and each time I just can not get in to the book and end up falling asleep.

I think that if I was a CEO of a company I would have been more into this book, however I am not. I think for having 2 kids I can read books fairly quickly, if I like them. Take the Twilight Saga for example, I have read that Saga 3 maybe 4 times in under 2 weeks. I will gladly miss a full nights rest and still be up the next day and do all my mommy duties just to keep reading that Saga. 

I was really hoping that I would have been able to get into this book, because the concept it great. Having faith in the work place can help you go farther, I just felt like I was reading that same thing over and over again. 

So if you are a CEO I would suggest taking a look at it, but it was just not for me. I did receive this book for free in exchange for my review, and as you can tell the above opinions are mine and mine alone:)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck **Book Review**

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck  by Kathleen Y'Barbo takes place between London and Colorado in the years 1887 - 1891. I am one that is in LOVE with Historic Romance Novels, so when I saw this book to review I was super excited; and thankfully not disappointed at all!

Charlotte Beck is a menace! What she wants she manipulates and makes a creative plan until she gets its. The last thing Charlotte is looking for is love! She wants to prove that she is a grown up, not so she can find a husband, but so she can run her fathers business. In the 1800's this is not a normal thing...at all! 

She is at her "unofficial Debut" and falls into the arms of Martin Hambly or was it Alexander Hambly? From that point on every time she runs into Viscount Hambly there is nothing but trouble that happens, usually Charlotte's fault but she would not state otherwise of course. 

After numerous annoying run ins with one Mister Hambly, Charlotte and him make a truce to never see each other again.After one, no, two great kisses they may keep their distance but, neither is forgetting about those kisses! 

Hambly's family is in need of money and Charlotte wants to go to University to study Mathematics, what to do, what to do? Mr. Beck has an idea. Daniel Beck will give Viscount Hambly the money he needs in exchange, that in 4 years when his daughter is done with school they marry. Both reluctantly agree. Charlotte, thinks her father will forget the deal in 4 years and in those 4 years it is never again mentioned. 

Things are just not that easy though, are they? Read this great story to see what menacing things Charlotte does to try and get out of the marriage and what happens next!

I received this book in exchange for my review, however everything is my opinion and mine alone! I can not wait to read more from Kathleen Y'Barbo, she is an excellent writer and I really enjoyed this book!