Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Review

So personally I find it hilarious when celebrities have fashion oops on the red carpet. It shows that they are human, and it also makes me giggle. (I know I am mean sometimes) Also, it means that these celebrities do not know about Hollywood Fashion Secrets. I know about them, and I love their products, I just wish this meant I was a celebrity! Thankfully Hollywood Fashion Secrets are available to everyone, and they are amazing! Added bonus for my local ladies, they are made in Minneapolis, MN.

I was more than excited when I was sent their "Fall Favorites". I have been waiting for awhile to do this review, as I wanted to wait until I was able to use all the products I was sent. Here is a description off all I was sent and my opinions of them!

  • 30 sheets ea. come in a 2 pack
  • Reminds me of those sheets you use to remove the oil from your face, (they have those too!) but these remove lint from your clothes.
  • Super convenient, I keep one in my purse and it it great for on the go touch ups!
  • Strong & Powerful, and last more than one sweep of your shirt!
  • Definitely recommend

  • Clear double sided stick tape to hold garments in place
  • This would help many celebrities with their "nip slips"
  • Works great with buttoned up shirts from that gaping in between buttons 
  • Holds up a tube top great 
  • Made from 3M Hypo Allergenic fabric friendly strips
  • These are a must have! 

  • I was terrified of this at first! I thought it would for sure rip my sweater wide open, not get rid of the pilling and fuzz!
  • I definitely did the garment test like it recommends, because I was so nervous about ruining my clothes.
  • I tried it on my sweater that I thought I would just have to throw away, because the pilling was so is like a brand new sweater! It took all the fuzz right off, and did not damage my sweater at all! 
  • I would definitely test the material first, but this is another must have for the Fall/Winter wardrobe!

  • Do you wear high boots over your jeans in the Fall/Winter? I do and these have made it some much easier to dress!
  • They are straps that you put around your ankles or calves to hold your jeans tight and in place. For me as a runner, I have large calves so I wear mine on my ankles and they work great. 
  • Now you don't have to fold your pants into your socks and hope that they stay in place. The straps keep your pants neatly in place and looking nice!
  • Fall/Winter MUST HAVE for boot lovers!!

  •  It is rare, I mean very rare that you  would see me in heels, but on occasion it will happen. Some of my pants look cute with flats, and others well sometimes they just call for a heel to be a little sexier!
  • The Hem Tape is perfect for these times! I can wear the longer pants with the heels and when I want to wear my flats (usually) I just add some Hem Tape. 
  • Reminds me of the Fashion Tape, it does its job and works great!
  • If you are between short and tall like me, you can NEVER find pants that fit correctly in the length...I recommend the Hem Tape for times like these! 
Overall everything I received in the Fall must have collection was amazing! I would recommend these products to everyone! They are very reasonably priced and they do their job. There are so many items to choose from, check them out!! Get $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping and on orders over $25 FREE shipping! Get all the things you need to make this Fall and Winter season, a great one in fashion!! LIKE them on Facebook too! 

(I did receive the above items for free in exchange for my review, however all my reviews are my opinion and mine alone!)