Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can Koozie Review from

So I am the type of person that HATES when I have condensation all over my pop can, bottle, etc. It makes such an annoying mess, my pop gets warmer faster and it is hard to hold my pop can with out it slipping. I have never found the right "Koozie" or can holder that I like so I have never bought one, and I have always kicked my self when I again have my darn pop can slip out of my hand and makes a huge mess. Enter, 
they offer a wide variety of koozies, styles, colors, and designs. I ordered 25 with  HCL'S info in purple with white font...the end result was awesome! I am so in love with them!

My pop does not make a mess, and I can not believe how long my pop stays cold! As some of you know I had surgery last Monday, after surgery I was on pain medication and would open a pop and fall asleep shortly after. I was very happy to find that my new Koozie's kept my pop cold while I slept and the pop sat out on the table!

The can holders would make a great gift, giveaway prize (hint,hint readers), wedding favor, family reunion item, bachelor/bachelorette night favors, etc. Check out the Kooziez website and see all the great styles they have to offer! Also Like them on Facebook for all their updates and tell them I sent you:)

Kooziez also has the best price guaranteed and the lowest minimum order available, only 25! Besides having super nice customer service, and speedy service at that, they also donate a percentage of each purchase to local charities! This is a super nice company that I am glad I had the privilege of working with on this review!

(Note: I did receive free Kooziez in exchange for my review, however all the opinions are mine and mine alone.)