Friday, October 7, 2011

Women of Faith

I know that God has always been in my life, but I have not always been welcoming of that fact. I have had ups and downs along the road and sometimes I have let God in and other times I have left him out in the cold. When I was younger it was hard not to believe because he was the one person I could talk to about all my problems and I wanted to believe that he was there for me. I never had a reason to doubt that. 

When I got older and had to live in the real world, well to be honest I had my doubts. My husband and I lost our first baby when I was 11 weeks pregnant. To me that was the point when I shut God out of my life. How could someone possibly be watching over me and loving me when they take my baby? I was so upset and became a different person after that. I lost one of my fallopian tubes when I lost the baby and having endometriosis, I was told my chances of having more children was very slim.Well, someone is up there and they wanted me to know it. I have been blessed with 2 healthy babies and I could not feel more blessed to have them here.

I have been searching for a long time to find my passion in life besides my family. I started Hudson's Coupon Lady because I really enjoyed finding great deals and I wanted to share it with others. This blog has grown in to so much more than I ever thought and with that I have found something I am passionate about. I have also found that I love to run!Running is my way to just be free and I also feel so great about my self after a great run. How could there not be a God when I have found so many great things in my life. Someone has to be guiding me on the right path to get me to where I am today.

I have finally let God back in to my life and I feel so renewed with God in my life. My mother talks about the Women of Faith event every year and how amazing the experience is. I had the chance to apply to attend the event and post about it on my blog. I was picked, and I cant help but think this was another way of God showing me he is still with me. In a few weeks I will attend the weekend event and I cant wait, I am also taking my mom since she has always loved the event. I am hoping that the Women of Faith event with just open my heart up even more to God and let me 100% accept him into my life..for good. 

Here is a video preview of the event:

Bijubee Dynasty Yoga Top Review

I received the Dynasty Yoga Top  in black to review and I love it! I instantly had a confidence boost when I put this top on. It sounds strange but it was true. The heart shape cut is the perfect cut. Not too low, looks great and is perfect for work out or everyday. The fit is slimming, and is also very comfortable. The top is made with excellent quality and care.

The Dynasty top is great for Yoga, Pilate's, work outs and even running errands! I was so comfortable in this top, I did not want to take it off. The top has a built in shelf bra and even offers removable bra cups. The label is heat transferred so you don't have an annoying tag scratching your back either.

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I would highly recommend this top to any active person. Or to anyone that wants to wear a top that is beyond comfortable. Bijubee also offers pants, shorts, and accessories. Check out everything they  have to offer! Plus for being a HCL follower they are offering you and exclusive code to receive 25% off, use this code YM25 to get this great discount, order today!! 

(I received the Dynasty top for free in exchange for my honest review. The above opinions are all mine!)

HandMade'ns Crafts Review

My husband is the grill master and that is his domain when it comes to cooking...everything else is mine. My daughter and I love to bake cookies, and cakes, and we LOVE to eat them too! We also rarely eat out, which means I make dinner every night and things can get messy. My thought...we need aprons. I did not want a plain apron, I wanted something cute and feminine. Madison wanted a pretty one too.

I did some searching, and found HandMade'ns Crafts, they had the cutest designs I found. Besides super fun and cute aprons, they also offer bibs, jumpers, purses, bags, and more! They are a mother daughter team, and I think they have a great thing going for them. The quality is great, the colors are perfect and I love the pocket designs. The ruffle at the bottom makes it feminine too. The straps are all tie straps, so you can easily adjust them, this is specifically great for my daughters, she will be able to wear it for a long time! Madison was so excited when she opened hers, she wore it for the entire day and twirled around like a little princess. So besides being a child's apron, Madison discovered it doubles for dress up time!

The aprons are easy to wash, I just threw them in the wash and than let air dry. The aprons offer great coverage and are wider than most aprons I have seen, but it offers a better coverage, and more room to wipe your hands! 

With the holiday season approaching I recommend getting one of their awesome aprons, whether you need one or you need a new! Visit their Etsy Shop take a look around and order yours today! If they do not have yours in stock, they are very quick with their sewing! Make your holiday baking a little more fun, the aprons are fun and flirty!!  

(I received the 2 aprons I reviewed for free in exchange for my review. The above opinions are my honest review though.)