Friday, October 7, 2011

Women of Faith

I know that God has always been in my life, but I have not always been welcoming of that fact. I have had ups and downs along the road and sometimes I have let God in and other times I have left him out in the cold. When I was younger it was hard not to believe because he was the one person I could talk to about all my problems and I wanted to believe that he was there for me. I never had a reason to doubt that. 

When I got older and had to live in the real world, well to be honest I had my doubts. My husband and I lost our first baby when I was 11 weeks pregnant. To me that was the point when I shut God out of my life. How could someone possibly be watching over me and loving me when they take my baby? I was so upset and became a different person after that. I lost one of my fallopian tubes when I lost the baby and having endometriosis, I was told my chances of having more children was very slim.Well, someone is up there and they wanted me to know it. I have been blessed with 2 healthy babies and I could not feel more blessed to have them here.

I have been searching for a long time to find my passion in life besides my family. I started Hudson's Coupon Lady because I really enjoyed finding great deals and I wanted to share it with others. This blog has grown in to so much more than I ever thought and with that I have found something I am passionate about. I have also found that I love to run!Running is my way to just be free and I also feel so great about my self after a great run. How could there not be a God when I have found so many great things in my life. Someone has to be guiding me on the right path to get me to where I am today.

I have finally let God back in to my life and I feel so renewed with God in my life. My mother talks about the Women of Faith event every year and how amazing the experience is. I had the chance to apply to attend the event and post about it on my blog. I was picked, and I cant help but think this was another way of God showing me he is still with me. In a few weeks I will attend the weekend event and I cant wait, I am also taking my mom since she has always loved the event. I am hoping that the Women of Faith event with just open my heart up even more to God and let me 100% accept him into my life..for good. 

Here is a video preview of the event:

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