Friday, October 14, 2011

Renuzit Fresh Accent air fresheners review

Being a Purex Insider I was given the opportunity to review the NEW Renuzit Fresh Accent air fresheners. They come in the following scents Winter Berry, and Festive snow.

They are very stylish and come in a two sided holiday design. Guess what, they  retail for around $2!! The scents last up to 30 days as well. You do not need to plug them in, no batteries are needed either. Just put the sent in and pick which design you want front or back and set it down! 

 (The picture makes it look purple but is the color of this font, a burgundy color.)

This is my experience with them. I love the Winter Berry. The smell is great and is not over powerful. I get migraines easily, and the holiday season smells are the worst for me. I can not even go into some stores during the holiday season, because they put all the smelly stuff right by the door and it is like walking into an instant migraine. So the Winter Berry is wonderful.  I have had it up for over a week and the pleasant smell is still there.

 (Again this is not the actual color, this font is a closer comparison, a forest green color.)

The Festive Snow, however is not for me. I put that one in the bathroom, and that was way to strong. I than decided that I would try it in the hallway of my apartment building, still way to strong. Although the smell is not horrible, it reminds me of the smells going to cut down the Christmas tree, the smell is too strong for my nose.

I think if I had a bigger home than it may be fine, but for my sniffer I could not handle it. 

These new air fresheners have hit some stores, and will be coming to more stores soon!! Giveaway to come too!!

I am a Purex Insider, and am offered the chance to review products free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. As you can tell from the above post they are my true and honest opinions! 


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