Friday, September 30, 2011

Arm Pocket Sport 20 review

I received the pink Arm Pocket Sport 20 to review. When I run there is always something I wish that I could bring with me but don't have a place to put anything. I also didn't have a place for my I Pod and after sticking it my bra strap it is starting to rust from the sweat. So I needed something that could keep my I Pod dry and also carry the things I need on a run.

The Arm Pocket Sport 20 is great! It fits all that I need, I have my music, my inhaler, chap stick, Kleenex, ID, house key, gels, and there is still room! There is a great little hole on the bottom for my ear bud wires to come out of. Everything fit neatly in the pockets that are inside and is easy to get too. It keeps everything safe, and keeps it off my skin so it is not getting ruined with sweat. As you can see in the picture above there is also a GREAT reflective ring around it that just glows from my camera flash. So this is great for late evening running or early morning so people know I am there. 

I was a little worried about comfort, since I had read online that other brands people did not find them comfortable.  The Arm Pocket has a Patented V-Strap that has memory foam padding that contours to your arm. This also works for a resistance against slipping. It has moisture wicking edges that help to keep you cool and dry. I found that all of that was true. While the first minute was a little odd to get used to something on my arm, and my ear bud wires in a different location, I quickly forgot that it was there. It was super comfortable and did not move at all. I ran over 3 1/2 miles and never once needed to adjust it. 

Besides it being comfortable, convenient, very responsibly price, it is also Eco Friendly! The fabric is recycled, and the moisture wicking material is made from Bamboo Rayon Fabric.

You also do not have to have and touch screen I Pod to use this. As you can see in my picture, I have the SUPER ancient I Pod Nano (the original thats how ancient it is) and the Arm Pocket works great with that too. It holds it in place, and I can easily push all the buttons I need. 

I would recommend the Arm Pocket to anyone! It would be great for running, walking, hiking, biking, ect. 

(I did receive the Arm Pocket Sport 20 free in exchange for my review. However all the opinions are mine and mine alone.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat review

I was super excited to receive the full line of Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat polishes. I had heard some mixed reviews and I wanted to try it out myself to see what I thought of it. 

The first two times I tried it I was VERY disappointed with it. It was just a huge mess and there was no "crackle" effect, there was just a blob effect.  I have always liked Sally Hansen, and have never had an issue with their products. I could not figure out why they would sell a product that claimed one thing and did NOTHING like that. 

I researched their help forums and found this (left side) How to Video. It was like magic...following the how to steps and guess what it worked. I guess it is better to follow the directions on some things. So watch the video too, but this is how you should apply it:

  • Apply a base coat (I liked using the Sally Hansen Xtreme colors since they are so bold)
  • Apply the Crackle overcoat in quick sweeps. Just sweep in on once and than DO NOT TOUCH IT
  • Let dry and let the "Crackle" effect take place
  • Apply a clear top coat to lock in place and to also shine it up, the Crackle is sort of a matte finish
  • Ta da super sexy nails!!

So if you are willing to follow the directions, than I would totally recommend these polishes! There are so many choices, my favorite is the Vintage Violet! I honestly recommend watching the video, and that practicing a couple times until you get the correct sweep down. 

Hip-T Review

For you moms out there, did you use a belly band while pregnant so you could wear your pants a little longer, and just to hold everything together? I did, and after I had my kids they no longer fit right. They were also made of an annoying fabric that rode up and rarely stayed where it should. 

I got the chance to review the Hip -T, and was very excited. It is a layering accessory that is great for NON pregnant women! It adds layers, with out a full shirt (where is may get too hot than and add bulk). It also is great at controlling a "muffin top" too! I got the Black lace, and plain white to review and was very happy. I got a Medium in each, and while the black Medium was a perfect fit, the plain white was a little tight, but I am not one to waste, so you can also use it as a tube top to cover cleavage under a low cut shirt! Problem solved!!

I mentioned earlier that the pregnancy bands I had tried did not stay in place, the Hip-t did! I wore it while running errands and carrying my son around and it stayed in place and was very comfortable. It just felt like an undershirt! 

There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from, check them out here! I think the Hip-t is a great way to add layers, keep every thing in check, and to just add a little extra to your every day outfit. I would definantly recommend these!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet review

I had the honor to review an Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet. I chose the word "FEARLESS" for mine. I was reading the book Fearless by Max Lucado, so it seemed like the perfect choice.

I wanted to review the bracelet to give me an extra boost on my runs and to help me go farther. I am not really a jewelry person, but I wanted to see if it would help. I also was not sure a peice of leather and metal could make me feel better during my runs, but I was wrong.

I put the bracelet on (which coincidentally came the same day I finished the book Fearless, it was meant to be) as soon as I got. The only time I have taken it off is when I am in the shower. I felt empowered just by putting it on. My first run with it was shortly after my surgery, and I ran the farthest I had run since my last 5K. When ever I felt tired, or that I wanted to turn around and run home, I rubbed the word Fearless and kept going. It gave me a new found strength to keep going.

I am FEARLESS! I have even signed up for the Tough Mudder, the hardest obstacle/run in the US. Its 10 miles and 20 military obstacles, I know that with my Warrior Training Bracelet I can do it!  

I am usually not one to spend $20 on a jewlery item, but I have got to say it is totally worth it! I may even buy different sayings so if I am feeling a certain way one day I can accessorize with the encouragement I need to finish my training! My husband is also going to start trainging for the Tough Mudder with me, and I know that he really likes my bracelet so I know what he will be getting for his birthday!! 

Order yours  now! There are a variety of sayings! The bracelets are great for running, training, even just every day life. We can all use some form of encouragement from time to time. The Warrior Bracelets are perfect for that! 

Add them on Facebook, and tell them I sent you! Each month they are giving away a Warrior Training Bracelet. Also stay up to date on other offers and promotions and just get inspired!

(Note: Online they have a how to figure out your size. It is spot on. My wrist measured 6 in and I went up the .5 and ordered a 6.5. If fits perfect, if you want a looser fit, however I would add another inch instead of .5 inch.)
I did receive the Warrior Training Bracelet for free in exchange for my review.However all the opinions above are mine and mine alone...I am very happy with it!!!

**ADULT ONLY** Eden Fantasys website reveiw

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would write my review on the sexy costumes that are offered at Eden Fantasys. They do offer a variety of adult toys, and sensual love items but I will leave those things for you to explore on your own.  has a variety of sexy costumes available! Some are a more for the bedroom, but some are super cute and fun! While I now have kids, and we dress up as a family, if my husband and I do go out after we take the kids trick or treating, it is the one time a year you can dress as sexy as you want to and its ok!

They have a variety of costumes and they are reasonably priced too! Here are a few of my favorites:

 Female Firefighter $38.99

 Football Player $34.99

Pirate $29.99

Super fun costumes and they are not too sexy either! I like Eden Fantasys, they are a clean website. While I have never ordered anything yet, so I am not sure about customer service, I do like that they do not have x rated pictures on their site. You can shop in the privacy of your home too! 

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mercy Come Morning Book Review

Krista Mueller has her life on track and a successful career. On the outside it looks like she has everything going for her, but on the inside, she has a lot to fix. Lisa Tawn Bergren has written a touching novel about life, love, family, alzheimers and forgivness.

Krista's mother has very advanced Alzheimers and lives hundreds of miles away in a state of the art home that was built by someone that Krista has tried and failed at forgetting...Dane. They were highschool sweethearts and never were able to make it work. They both still have strong feelings for each other but can never seem to make it work.

When Krista gets a call saying the end is near for her mother, she reluctantly decides to go and be with her. Although her mother can not talk, there are many things that Krista learns from her mother in her final days.

Will Krista finally find the peace she is looking for?? I suggest you read this great novel and find out. Just a side note, I suggest reading this with a box of tissues. It is a very touching story, and makes you look at your relationships in your life and what you might be able to change to make it better.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blender bottle Review

The Blender Bottle is amazing! It really beats the usual wire whisk! I received the the Blue 28 oz Blender Bottle and the the Polka Dotted Sling for my review. I like to cook, but more so I wanted the Blender Bottle to review for my Protein Shakes.

 I have said in other reviews that I love to run and work out. Well I am now training for the Tough Mudder (Look it up, I know I am crazy!!) so I like to have a protein Shake in the morning and after my work out. The Blender bottle makes it so easy! My husband and I make shakes before bed or in the morning and than I add the shake to the bottle, and add my protein powder and shake. The Wire ball that is in the bottle evenly mixes up all the ingredients and I am set!

The sling is super awesome too! I put the bottle in the sling, and it stays cold for much longer. I dont know about you, but if you have ever had a protein shake, they are GROSS warm! One thing I found too, if my husband uses the bottle and takes it with him, I just the sling inside out so for him it is black (not sure he would want to sport the polka dots). So it works for us both.

I also really enjoyed the 101 Blender Bottle recipe book too. There were so many quick and simple recipes! I really liked the Key Lime Pie recipe..yummy!

Some facts about the bottle are:
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Large drink/pour spout
  • BPA free
  • Fits in most car drink holders
  • Easy Frip design
  • Easy to clean
Um, SUPER easy to clean! I do not receommend letting your protein shake sit for a say in the Blender Bottle because it is gross (husband is not good at rising things out), but I just rinsed it out with water and NOTHING stuck to it! The bottle reminds me of a teflon pan, it just slides right off!

So if you like to cook, make shakes, etc, this is a great buy for you! Although I hate to think Christmas is coming in a few months this would be a great Christmas gift! Buys yours now!!

Sears Hometown Store Review

I had the great honor of reviewing the Sears store in River Falls,WI. Some may say, "a Sear's in River Falls?" Yes there is a Sears store located by Shopko. The Sears has been in that location for 15 years and is locally owned. They offer a variety of items. They have appliances, snow blowers, lawn tractors, tools, TVs, and more!

I walked in and was immediately greeted with a warm welcome.(Before I announced who I was) While I am not looking for any apppliances, I did find numerous lawn games that were 75% off! They had a variety of items, and a great deal of items on cleareance, one of my favorite things!

The store was VERY clean and well kept. I told my husband I will be very happy if I can fit a stroller through the aisles. That is one thing as a mom that I dislike, going to a store and not being able to even push an umbrella stroller around. I am happy to report there was plenty of space! While the store is small, they have a lot of things in there, and have really organized it well.

I liked the hometown feel, and know that if I was a regular customer they would probably be the store to call me by name and to know all my information.

Sears also offers a rewards program.The rewards card does not need a credit check, and it is good at Lands End, and Kmart too! You will receive 1 point for every eligible $1 you spend. One thing I thought that was super neat when using my card (that I orinally got for Kmart, but found out I can use at Sears!!) when you use the card it asks if you want a copy of your reciept or to have it emailed to you, or both! Way to be green! I think that is a great feature.

Also Sears in River Falls is on Facebook! Please ADD THEM and tell them I sent you! Plus as an added bonus for being a Facebook friend, every Thursday the will post a coupon good for Friday and Saturday. They also post various deals on their page so you can know what is happening in the store!

I highly receommend everyone that is in need of appliances, tools, lawn care items, etc, to check them out! It is a great business, and I love that they are locally owned and so friendly.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skite Review:)

As a female runner, I want comfort, and quality in my work out attire, as well as I want to look cute! I have had the great honor of working with a wonderful woman that makes something that fits all those things, I introduce you all to the SKITE. Skirt + Tight = Skite! 

I tried the Skite on in 2 occasions (much more than that, but 2 I will  review about)!

1st wearing:
  • I wore the Skite after I had surgery, because I could not yet wear regular jeans.
  • Super comfortable for every day wear
  • I got numerous comments on how cute the Skite was
  • Even the men in my life thought it was super cute
  • I would wear this every day, it is super comfortable and VERY flattering!!!
  • Hold everything nice and tight! (No muffin top!!)
2nd wearing:
  • I wore the Skite on a 2 mile run
  • I had no annoying chafing, that I sometime (the majority of the times) get in my running shorts
  • The tights and the skirt stayed in place, I did not need to stop and adjust
  • I felt more confident because I felt like one hot mama in my Skite:)
  • Although the majority of warm weather runs are over, the Skite did NOT make me feel any warmer than when I run in my shorts (does work great on cool runs too)
  • There is a pocket on the inside for a key, ID, Kleenex (my nose always runs).
  • The Skite really is super comfortable and is going to be a permanent fixture in my wardrobe - exercise and daily!

 Washing the Skite is super easy, wash in cold water and let air dry. I just hung my Skite up over night and it was dry by morning. The tights held their shape too! I have leggings for regular every day use that if I hang them to dry they do not keep their normal shape.

There are a variety of different colors to pick from , check out the Skite site HERE. She is adding new colors too!! The Skite runs a bit larger so I recommend ordering a size smaller. I usually wear a Medium in my running shorts and I got a small in the Skite and it fits perfect!

The only con that I could possibly come up with is that the Skite does sit a bit high on the waist.I personally like my clothes to rest lower. So I just pushed the top part down and it stayed in place and fit just how I wanted it too:) She is coming out with a "Skinny Skite" too, that will have a lower waist!! So over all everything I found about the Skite is PERFECT!!! 

I truly recommend purchasing one, two, well maybe three or four! They are great for running, working out, lounge, errands, really they are great for every day wear!! So GO HERE and get yours now!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heely's Review -By me...not my kids!

When I got the offer about the Heely's promotion, I was super excited! I did not know they made Heely's for adults! After I got them I was even more excited, they are sooo cute! Well I tried them in my kitchen for the first time and my husband had a great laugh that I fell in seconds. I decided to watch the "How to Heely Video" that can be found here. After watching the video I got a much better idea of what I was suppose to do. I still thought it would be safer to wait until after my first 5K to start practicing, that is why this post is so much later than when I got my shoes.

I think it was a wise choice in waiting, as you can see from the above picture, (my husbands favorite!!) I biffed it a few times! I still do not have the skill down but I am not giving up! I may have to buy the Heeely HX2 to get me started.(more to come on that soon)

What I like about the shoes:
  • Style
  • Fun factor
  • Dare factor
  • Color
  • Removable wheels to make them regular street shoes
What I dislike about them:
  • I have wide feet and I wish I would have ordered a 1/2 size larger like they recommend. 
  • Got a blister on my baby toe from wearing them like street shoes because of the above issue.

So I think the pros out weigh the cons. I just put a band aid on my toe and it was much more comfortable! There are a variety of cute colors and styles available too. My husband, while he obviously enjoyed the laughter involved in this review was very jealous and asked for his own pair! 

Here is some info on the Heely's shoes! They have one wheel that can be removed so that shoes can be worn as regular street shoes. If you purchase Heely's HX2, these are for younger people or beginners. They have 2 wheels, that offer more balance and require less leg muscles. You can than take our the front wheel when you are ready to transition to the regular Heely shoe or take out both for the regular shoes.

**Shop for your Heely's HERE **

I recommend this shoes to anyone that wants to learn something new. It is very fun, scary at first but fun! Plus an added bonus is they can become regular shoes too!

(Disclosure: I did receive these shoes free of charge in exchange for my review. However all opinions are mine and mine alone.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kleynimals Review

Do your kids ever want to play with your kids? I know my kids always try to steal my keys and chew on them, which is toxic and not a good chew toy! Enter, Kleynimals. They are non toxic food grade stainless steel baby "keys". They are so adorable! 

My son and daughter both love playing with them. My son (15 months) loves them to chew on and to shake for the noise. My daughter ( 3) likes to use them as keys when she plays.These are such a great gift for any younger age, and the great part, you can get them engraved to really make them a keepsake! Pass them down from generation to generation, or when your kids are done give them to a friend!

Kleynimals are an Eco Friendly family owned company. They send the "Keys" in minimal packaging that can be reused. The Kleynimals do not contain lead,BPA, or cadmium. Plus they are dishwasher safe...awesome:)

I think this would be such a perfect gift for a new mom and dad for their new bundle of joy. Have them engraved for an even more sentimental keepsake! Order yours here!!

Violent Lips Review

I am past the years of going to a raging party, but I still like to have fun. The Violent Lips allow me to do just that! They are super cool lip tattoos that are quick to apply and last up to 8 hours! 

My daughter and I tried them on, let me tell you she thought mom was super cool! It took some cutting to get them to fit our lips and that was probably the most difficult part of it. They stayed on all afternoon and evening. I suggest watching the video here so you apply them properly.

This are great for a flirty date, a bachelorette party,halloween,a variety of events, or if you are super confident you can wear them everyday!! I think they also would make a super fun gift idea!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can Koozie Review from

So I am the type of person that HATES when I have condensation all over my pop can, bottle, etc. It makes such an annoying mess, my pop gets warmer faster and it is hard to hold my pop can with out it slipping. I have never found the right "Koozie" or can holder that I like so I have never bought one, and I have always kicked my self when I again have my darn pop can slip out of my hand and makes a huge mess. Enter, 
they offer a wide variety of koozies, styles, colors, and designs. I ordered 25 with  HCL'S info in purple with white font...the end result was awesome! I am so in love with them!

My pop does not make a mess, and I can not believe how long my pop stays cold! As some of you know I had surgery last Monday, after surgery I was on pain medication and would open a pop and fall asleep shortly after. I was very happy to find that my new Koozie's kept my pop cold while I slept and the pop sat out on the table!

The can holders would make a great gift, giveaway prize (hint,hint readers), wedding favor, family reunion item, bachelor/bachelorette night favors, etc. Check out the Kooziez website and see all the great styles they have to offer! Also Like them on Facebook for all their updates and tell them I sent you:)

Kooziez also has the best price guaranteed and the lowest minimum order available, only 25! Besides having super nice customer service, and speedy service at that, they also donate a percentage of each purchase to local charities! This is a super nice company that I am glad I had the privilege of working with on this review!

(Note: I did receive free Kooziez in exchange for my review, however all the opinions are mine and mine alone.)