Monday, September 26, 2011

Hip-T Review

For you moms out there, did you use a belly band while pregnant so you could wear your pants a little longer, and just to hold everything together? I did, and after I had my kids they no longer fit right. They were also made of an annoying fabric that rode up and rarely stayed where it should. 

I got the chance to review the Hip -T, and was very excited. It is a layering accessory that is great for NON pregnant women! It adds layers, with out a full shirt (where is may get too hot than and add bulk). It also is great at controlling a "muffin top" too! I got the Black lace, and plain white to review and was very happy. I got a Medium in each, and while the black Medium was a perfect fit, the plain white was a little tight, but I am not one to waste, so you can also use it as a tube top to cover cleavage under a low cut shirt! Problem solved!!

I mentioned earlier that the pregnancy bands I had tried did not stay in place, the Hip-t did! I wore it while running errands and carrying my son around and it stayed in place and was very comfortable. It just felt like an undershirt! 

There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from, check them out here! I think the Hip-t is a great way to add layers, keep every thing in check, and to just add a little extra to your every day outfit. I would definantly recommend these!

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