Sunday, April 22, 2012


I wanted to share with you about some new products and promotions at EdenFantasys. They have a variety of items to please everyone!

Besides offering a variety of Sex Toys, they also offer a  variety of gifts, lingerie, beauty and body products and more! Right now thru April 23rd in an effort to promote Earth Day they are offering a promotion, for every Evolved Novelty item purchased, EdenFantasys and Evolved will donate one tree to

I have a Bachelorette party coming up and there are a variety of  Adult Toys and gifts that would be the perfect gift! Their Bath and Body  section also offers a variety of great gift ideas, or items to keep for yourself! Massage oils, fragrances, candles, skincare items, makeup and more!

One thing I really like about EdenFantasys, is they have a tasteful website. I really like that they offer such a variety of items that anyone can really find something!  

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decision Points Book Review

I was excited to review the book Decision Points by George W. Bush. I have always wondering what a President thinks and what the life of a President is really like. I found this book very captivating. Our former President has a sense of humor and I enjoyed reading this book by him. 

This book is about numerous decisions that he had to make before, during and after being the President.  As one who does not know much about politics, I was very intrigued by the many different points that he talked about in his book. 

I also liked that some of the decisions he talked about are decisions that people can face whether they are the President or not. Overall this is a great book. It really takes you into his life and what he was thinking before, during and after making a choice. I think that it really helped me better understand him. Even if you are not a Bush supporter, it is still interesting to know what goes on in the mans head! 

I would recommend this book, it is a great read and very interesting. 
(I did receive this book for free in exchange for my honest review.)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heaven is for Real for Kids Book Review

Heaven is for Real for Kids told by Colton Burpo is an amazing book. It is the story of one little boys death and what his experience in Heaven was like. He was brought back to life, but what he describes while in Heaven is so amazing.

The book is a very fast read. I got it on my E-reader. I wish it would have been available in print, only because the pictures are black and white on my Nook. However the details described in the book make it very easy to imagine your own pictures. 
I think this would be an excellent book for children to learn about Heaven and what they will have there. It is also a great way to talk about the passing of a loved one, or pet. I think after reading this book to your child they would no longer be so afraid for whomever is now in Heaven.

I would recommend this book! It was a great read, while my daughter is 3 and does not fully understand death, she did enjoy the book. 

(I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my review, however all reviews are my honest opinions.)