Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soap Much Love Review

When I found the Soap Much Love website, I was in aww! Seriously are you not thinking wow I want to eat that beautiful cupcake?? Or that the raspberry dessert is making your mouth water?? I wanted to order these desserts to hand out at my next dinner party! Guess what...they are SOAP! Yeah, I am 100% serious! S-O-A-P, not dessert, not edible, but used to wash your hands with!!

When I got my Rainbow Cake soap in the mail, (in a cute little package too) it took me a while to get the courage to open it. The thoughts running through my head were:
1. Is that really whip cream on the top?
2. I wonder if it would taste as good as it looks
3. I dont want to ruin this by using it
4. I should have ordered 100 more
5. Lastly, will it fall apart when I use it?
The answers are no it is not whip cream on the top, at least I dont think so! It is fluffy though like a marshmallow! I decided that it did smell very good and that I did want to use it. So I washed my hands, again and again and again and guess what? My hands are uber clean, (great thing for a germ freak) they smell great and are not dried out at all. Plus I have been using the soap for 2 weeks and there is no sign of the bar breaking or falling apart, and there is even whip cream left on the top! The only questionI did not get answered was if it tastes as good as it looks? My guess is no, so I did not attempt it.I will just have to enjoy its beauty and realize it is not a food! 

I also received the Yuzu Salad. This is also a nice smell, and feels like a little exfoliant when using it. The colors are beautiful on this soap as well and did not dry out my hands. 

These soaps are all naturally made, do not have a strong fragrance, and are great for so many things. Ada makes a variety of styles, themes, colors, etc. These soaps would be great for wedding favors, baby showers, birthdays, dinner parties, every day life, and anything where you want to add a little special touch. They are very inexpensive, so I would suggest buying all of your favorites!! You can visit Ada's site HERE and look at all she has to offer. Also Like Soap Much Love on Facebook and tell her I sent you! Get all the lastest updates on which soaps she is cooking up!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Science Museum of Minnesota and the King Tut Exhibit review

I had the great privilege of taking my family to the Minnesota Science Museum on Sunday, as well as the soon to be gone King Tut exhibit. WOW is really the first word that comes to mind. The discovery of King Tut's tomb by British explorer Howard Carter in 1922 led to the discovery of some amazing artifacts.

There are statues of Khafre, builder of the Great Sphinx; Hatshepsut, the queen who became Pharoah, and more! The detail in this statues are amazing, and intricate. Around the first corner is an amazing chest that, would it be legal I would have snatched up in a heart beat. The blue color in it is so bright an beautiful it took my breath away. Think about it, it was made 3000 years ago, the thought of what the original color is makes me want a time machine NOW so I could enjoy that pure beauty.

The jewelery they have on display, while beautiful and I wish I had that much gold, it makes me wonder what the women's ears looked like. The earrings were so massive, and solid gold, my ear lobes would be hanging well past my shoulders after wearing them. The color on these are so vibrant as well! 

You can also see King Tut's GOLD sandals that he wore in his tomb. Looking at all the things that were discovered, was such a wonderful experience. To me it seems like they were not worried about an afterlife, they sent everything with them so they can continue on with life. Find the finger and toe covers, those are interesting too!!

The perfect complement to the end of the exhibit would be heading to the omnitheater to watch the Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs. While I personally did not go to the Omnitheater, I heard it was the perfect touch to end the King Tut Exhibit experience.

Some tips for the king Tut exhibit are:
  • Go to the bathroom!!! If you read all the details through out the exhibit and really take in the beauty, it can take up to an hour and a half. (no bathrooms, and no re admittance)
  • It is kept at 68 degrees...bring a sweater!
  • Go on weekdays, it is cheaper and less busy
  • Non peak hours are after 5pm (with last entry time of 7:30 pm)
  • Make sure they baby is fed before hand (No food, or drinks are allowed)
  • No cameras of any sort are allowed, phones need to be turned off
There are only 14 days left!! Dont miss your chance to see King Tut in Minnesota! Click here and get your tickets today! 

Enter the Golden World of the Pharaohs!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jamberry Nails Review

Jamberry Nails are like getting a professional manicure that last a while, for no where near the price! I picked the Purple Giraffe design for my review and was impatient about getting them because I was so excited! Thankfully they came right away! 

Dont judge the flip flop lines:) 

I am very active and also a HUGE germ freak so I wash my hands often and nail polish does not last on my finger nails, so I chose to do my review on my toes! They were super easy to apply, I recommend watching their tutorial video Here. The video makes it even easier, than you also know you did it correctly. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to apply them all. I think it would have been quicker but my daughter thought they were soooo cool and was a little in the way! 

All done!

I got numerous complements about them, asking where I got them done, how much it cost etc. I had to giggle cause I did it all by myself:)  They say that it lasts 4-6 weeks on your toes and 2-4 if you are active. Mine only lasted 2 but I was running every day and also at the beach often. If I would have glued them like recommended for active users they would have lasted longer. The good thing is I still have enough to apply it again! 

I only used 3 of them for all 10 toes! 

Right now they are having a B3G1 sale and FREE shipping!! Click here to purchase yours! They have some great designs!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zylie the bear Review

Zylie the Bear is and beautiful 18" teddy bear that is like NO other bear! While I have been asked numerous times if she is one of the Build a Bear's, I kindly tell everyone about her, as well as the fact she is so much better than Build a Bear and made with more quality (in my opinion)! If you are like my daughter you may have a child that likes to dress their dolls, but also wants to play with a doll that is soft enough to cuddle. Zylie is that, she comes with clothes, that quite frankly I am totally jealous of and if they fit I would wear them, they are super fashionable and made with excellent quality!. She also comes with a cute purse that contains, a diary, a passport, and a map of where Zylie travels. Travels you ask? Yes Zylie comes with her own educational books about her travel experiences. She is a well traveled 12 year old bear! 

Besides loving Zylie, the great makers of Zylie are as sweet as my favorite cherry pie too! Besides being generous enough to send Madison her very own Zylie bear to review and fall in love with, they donate some of the proceeds to the China Care Foundation. The China Care Foundation, offers underprivileged orphans the opportunity at a variety of surgeries, they other wise would not be able to receive!.
Here is Madison's review!

Zylie's temporary home for transportation
When Madison opened the box and saw Zylie I thought she was going to cry she squealed so loud and was so excited! 

After being very patient and letting me take pictures, Madison finally got to hold her Zylie bear. This is the point where I really did start crying! She was so much more than what I was expecting. Words can not describe the look of my daughters face when she held her for the first time.Zylie is so soft I would even cuddle her (although my husband would probably not appreciate that!). I also needed the tissues because as I saw the excitement on Madison's face, I knew that I was not the one that put that smile there, the generous makers of Zylie put that smile there. They truly are amazing people that care about others!

So Excited!!

It did not take long before Zylie felt like she was at home either! She had her own bed in a matter of minutes! 

No longer the dolls bed, Zylie took over! 

Although, Zylie did not make it to her own bed for nap time! 

We did a lot of different things with Zylie! We went to the library and read books, we went to the Farm City Days, (she had to stay in the car, we didn't want her to smell like a farm)She has to come with us every where, and she always has to have her seat belt on! If I forget to buckle her the world ends!

They even showed their dance skills together at Target! 
(I am suppose to inform everyone that Zylie loves Justin Beiber too!)
Madison and Zylie had fun reading stories and giggling together! 
Zylie also came with accessories!

Her super cool purse with her size items!

The Zylie "New York" Book and other outfits that can be purchased.

There is also a Panda bear Shen, that is the boy "doll". He comes his own goodies as well. Which maybe they will be SUPER generous and send me Shen because my son is getting very jealous of all the attention Zylie is getting! I think he feels a bit left out! 

You can visit the Zylie the Bear website HERE! I know that Christmas is a ways off but this would be the perfect gift for so many girls and boys. I know our hearts melted and we now have a new family member, and I know yours will too as soon as you meet Zylie or Shen!

Thank you!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bondi Band Review

I started the P90X work out in late March. I have wanted to get rid of the left over weight from having my two kids. I also play Kickball every Sunday, not to give my self away but we did win the championship:) I am also training for my first 5K. I have never been a runner, but it is something I am growing to love. So with all that said, I am a very active person. I have been looking for something to keep the sweat out of my face while I am running and have had no such luck.  Enter Bondi Band!!

Bondi Band makes headbands, hats, towels etc. Their motto " No Slip, No Drip" and " Where Fashion meets Function".  I agree with both of these. While I just got the worst hair cut EVER, (It is starting to grow to an acceptable length) I was afraid the headband would not stay in place, or not look some what cute on me. Thank fully, I can make two itty bitty pig tails and the band holds the rest of my hair in place. I picked the " I run like a girl" head band in Neon Yellow, it matches my shoes :) Besides liking the design, it also did what it was made to do!  I can run the whole 5K and the band is still in the same place (regular head bands I would have to fix at least 5 times in my run) and I don't have the annoying sweat dripping in my eye, through out the WHOLE run!

They have a variety of super cute designs, funny sayings, Military, crowns, causes, sports, etc. Check out the Bands here and let me know which ones you like! 

I would recommend these to anyone really! Besides great for running, if you want to keep your hair and/or sweat out of your face this is just a great brand! They are also super easy to clean, I just tossed mine in the washer and let it air dry!

Plus, there will be a giveaway coming up next week, and the winner will win their choice of design!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Works Body Wrap Review

Do you have a little extra weight around your mid section that just wont budge? Maybe some cellulite you want to improve for the last few weeks of beach season? Don't have enough for an invasive surgery? Try a natural alternative. It Works, the name truly says it all! 

I am lucky enough to know a wonderful woman that sells It Works and was given the chance to review it. I trust her, but still was skeptical. I had heard from people the moment you eat of drink anything the weight will come right back. Well I would NOT endorse anything I did not believe in. I am more than happy to say that in the last 72 hours I have lost 6.5 inches off my mid section and that is just from 1 wrap!!!

The body wrap stays on for 45 min and you are measured at the waist, tummy and hips before and after. You have the option of putting the wrap back on when you a done being measure. At the 45 minute mark I had lost 3 1/2 inches, I wanted that thing back on!! If I was going to lose that, heck ya I wanted to lose more!! The wrap also continues to work and you will see more results for up to 72 hours! These are my results:

Results at 45 minutes:
Waist: Lost 1/2 inches  Tummy: Lost 1 1/2 inch  Hips: Lost 1 1/2 inches  Total Lost= 3 1/2 inches in 45 mins.

Results after 72 hours: (Total lost up till the 72 hours)
Waist: Lost 2 inches   Tummy: Lost 2 inches  Hips: Lost 2 1/2 inches Total lost from 1 wrap= 6 1/2 inches!!!!

Yes the above results are real, and guess what I have still had my 8 glasses of water a day and eaten what ever the heck I want to in the last 72 hours and I did not gain ANY back:) Woo Hoo HCL is looking good!! 

The wraps are natural ingredients and work at flushing the toxins out of your body. They tighten, and tone and firm the skin. Which was great for me after having to kids my stomach, even with working out was not as tight as I would like it to be. They also offer Chin and Neck wraps, let me tell you the results for this are amazing as well! Check out the website It Works to see the many different items that they sell. They are natural ingredients and work at getting you to a healthier and happier YOU! 

I would also like to say that not everyone is going to lose 6 1/2 inches, but I had guests with a variety of sizes and the least amount lost was 3 1/2 inches after 72 hours! Even if you do not lose a large amount of inches you are flushing the toxins and getting yourself to a healthier place! 

Contact Minda with It Works  and set up your party today! There are also ways to earn FREE wraps by hosting a party! So contact her today and see yourself drop the inches:) 

(Note: I received my wrap for free in exchange for my review. However, I would NEVER lie to you about my own opinions. The above results and thoughts are all true and are my own.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Restless in Carolina **book review**

Bridget Pickwick-Buchanan has been a widow for 4 years. She is a tree huggin, animal lover, that speaks her mind. She is on a mission to not only get rid of her widow weeds, she also needs to find a buyer for the Pickwick Estate. Will she find love again and finally be able to say the words Happily Ever After, that she cant even read out of a book?

Enter Mr. J.C. Dirk, (the way the author Tamara Leigh describes him, he could make you take a double take) a developer from Atlanta. Bridget needs to find a buyer, and because of her ways, wants to make sure the buyer will develop in a "green" way. Mr. Dirk , owns and Eco Friendly development company. J.C. however has his own agenda, will he take his mission in life too far?

There is ups and downs and family drama in this book.Some people have good intentions and others do not. Read this book to find out all it all concludes! 

This book is such an amazing book. It shows Bridget's struggle to reclaim her faith, while it is talked about through out the book it is not a pushy religious book. I like that, I still get my romance novel, and I get a little faith thrown in there. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes romance novels,  is trying to find their way in life, lives a faith based life, or anyone that just wants to read a good book! 

(I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine, I really did like this book!!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Conserving Now Review

I got a reusable tote a while ago, to cart around all my coupons. Ever since than I have started to turn my life a little "Green". Now I am not a full on Live Green person, but I can do my part with some things! I use reusable bags as often as I can. I say as often as I can, but really it is as often as I can remember. Do you ever get to the store and realize that your reusable bags are still at home? That happens to me and than I end up with a ton of plastic and paper bags from the store I don't want. Conserving Now is changing that!!

My reminder! 

Conserving Now offers a FREE Window Cling HERE so that you will always have a reminder to grab your bags. Stick it some where that is obviously not going to interfere with your driving, but somewhere that you will see it and say "Oh yeah, I need my reusable bags"! Since I put my window cling up I have not forgotten my bags once:)

 So cute and little

Conserving Now was generous enough to send me one of their great Envirosax Bags from the Travel Series. When it came it was so small I didn't think it would be able to carry more than my keys with out ripping apart...I put it to the test and was VERY happy!! The bags have been tested to hold up to 44 lbs, and I believe them! My first stop with my new bag was the Hudson's Farmers Market. The bag held, 10 ears of corn, at least 2 lbs of red potatoes, and 8 apples! While it was not the most comfortable to carry all this, (it would not be in ANY bag, the straps were fine, it was the corn digging into my sides LOL) the bag held up with NO complaints!  

How cute is this??

My next trip was to the library. It was a breeze getting my few books and the kids getting a couple movies!. There was more than enough room in my bag! The best part, there are little clasps so you can fold it up to that little itty bitty size again and just keep it in your purse so you will always have a bag! 

Some information on the bags are:
  •  Water Resistant
  • Fully Washable (Wont Fade)
  • Ethically Made
  • Tested to carry up to 44 lbs

Here is some information about Conserving Now. Besides great bags, reminders, and T-Shirts, they also offer Eco Friendly Kits, to help you get started! Here is a great quote to show how great these women are-
"100% of the profits from our products goes toward funding classroom kits for schools
and/or to offset the costs of the static cling distribution." 

Check out the site and be excited...giveaway to come very soon!!