Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soap Much Love Review

When I found the Soap Much Love website, I was in aww! Seriously are you not thinking wow I want to eat that beautiful cupcake?? Or that the raspberry dessert is making your mouth water?? I wanted to order these desserts to hand out at my next dinner party! Guess what...they are SOAP! Yeah, I am 100% serious! S-O-A-P, not dessert, not edible, but used to wash your hands with!!

When I got my Rainbow Cake soap in the mail, (in a cute little package too) it took me a while to get the courage to open it. The thoughts running through my head were:
1. Is that really whip cream on the top?
2. I wonder if it would taste as good as it looks
3. I dont want to ruin this by using it
4. I should have ordered 100 more
5. Lastly, will it fall apart when I use it?
The answers are no it is not whip cream on the top, at least I dont think so! It is fluffy though like a marshmallow! I decided that it did smell very good and that I did want to use it. So I washed my hands, again and again and again and guess what? My hands are uber clean, (great thing for a germ freak) they smell great and are not dried out at all. Plus I have been using the soap for 2 weeks and there is no sign of the bar breaking or falling apart, and there is even whip cream left on the top! The only questionI did not get answered was if it tastes as good as it looks? My guess is no, so I did not attempt it.I will just have to enjoy its beauty and realize it is not a food! 

I also received the Yuzu Salad. This is also a nice smell, and feels like a little exfoliant when using it. The colors are beautiful on this soap as well and did not dry out my hands. 

These soaps are all naturally made, do not have a strong fragrance, and are great for so many things. Ada makes a variety of styles, themes, colors, etc. These soaps would be great for wedding favors, baby showers, birthdays, dinner parties, every day life, and anything where you want to add a little special touch. They are very inexpensive, so I would suggest buying all of your favorites!! You can visit Ada's site HERE and look at all she has to offer. Also Like Soap Much Love on Facebook and tell her I sent you! Get all the lastest updates on which soaps she is cooking up!


  1. They look AMAZING!!!!!

  2. They are!! Stay tuned..a giveaway will be starting shortly!