Thursday, August 4, 2011

Conserving Now Review

I got a reusable tote a while ago, to cart around all my coupons. Ever since than I have started to turn my life a little "Green". Now I am not a full on Live Green person, but I can do my part with some things! I use reusable bags as often as I can. I say as often as I can, but really it is as often as I can remember. Do you ever get to the store and realize that your reusable bags are still at home? That happens to me and than I end up with a ton of plastic and paper bags from the store I don't want. Conserving Now is changing that!!

My reminder! 

Conserving Now offers a FREE Window Cling HERE so that you will always have a reminder to grab your bags. Stick it some where that is obviously not going to interfere with your driving, but somewhere that you will see it and say "Oh yeah, I need my reusable bags"! Since I put my window cling up I have not forgotten my bags once:)

 So cute and little

Conserving Now was generous enough to send me one of their great Envirosax Bags from the Travel Series. When it came it was so small I didn't think it would be able to carry more than my keys with out ripping apart...I put it to the test and was VERY happy!! The bags have been tested to hold up to 44 lbs, and I believe them! My first stop with my new bag was the Hudson's Farmers Market. The bag held, 10 ears of corn, at least 2 lbs of red potatoes, and 8 apples! While it was not the most comfortable to carry all this, (it would not be in ANY bag, the straps were fine, it was the corn digging into my sides LOL) the bag held up with NO complaints!  

How cute is this??

My next trip was to the library. It was a breeze getting my few books and the kids getting a couple movies!. There was more than enough room in my bag! The best part, there are little clasps so you can fold it up to that little itty bitty size again and just keep it in your purse so you will always have a bag! 

Some information on the bags are:
  •  Water Resistant
  • Fully Washable (Wont Fade)
  • Ethically Made
  • Tested to carry up to 44 lbs

Here is some information about Conserving Now. Besides great bags, reminders, and T-Shirts, they also offer Eco Friendly Kits, to help you get started! Here is a great quote to show how great these women are-
"100% of the profits from our products goes toward funding classroom kits for schools
and/or to offset the costs of the static cling distribution." 

Check out the site and be excited...giveaway to come very soon!! 


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