Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kleynimals Review

Do your kids ever want to play with your kids? I know my kids always try to steal my keys and chew on them, which is toxic and not a good chew toy! Enter, Kleynimals. They are non toxic food grade stainless steel baby "keys". They are so adorable! 

My son and daughter both love playing with them. My son (15 months) loves them to chew on and to shake for the noise. My daughter ( 3) likes to use them as keys when she plays.These are such a great gift for any younger age, and the great part, you can get them engraved to really make them a keepsake! Pass them down from generation to generation, or when your kids are done give them to a friend!

Kleynimals are an Eco Friendly family owned company. They send the "Keys" in minimal packaging that can be reused. The Kleynimals do not contain lead,BPA, or cadmium. Plus they are dishwasher safe...awesome:)

I think this would be such a perfect gift for a new mom and dad for their new bundle of joy. Have them engraved for an even more sentimental keepsake! Order yours here!!

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