Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blender bottle Review

The Blender Bottle is amazing! It really beats the usual wire whisk! I received the the Blue 28 oz Blender Bottle and the the Polka Dotted Sling for my review. I like to cook, but more so I wanted the Blender Bottle to review for my Protein Shakes.

 I have said in other reviews that I love to run and work out. Well I am now training for the Tough Mudder (Look it up, I know I am crazy!!) so I like to have a protein Shake in the morning and after my work out. The Blender bottle makes it so easy! My husband and I make shakes before bed or in the morning and than I add the shake to the bottle, and add my protein powder and shake. The Wire ball that is in the bottle evenly mixes up all the ingredients and I am set!

The sling is super awesome too! I put the bottle in the sling, and it stays cold for much longer. I dont know about you, but if you have ever had a protein shake, they are GROSS warm! One thing I found too, if my husband uses the bottle and takes it with him, I just the sling inside out so for him it is black (not sure he would want to sport the polka dots). So it works for us both.

I also really enjoyed the 101 Blender Bottle recipe book too. There were so many quick and simple recipes! I really liked the Key Lime Pie recipe..yummy!

Some facts about the bottle are:
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Large drink/pour spout
  • BPA free
  • Fits in most car drink holders
  • Easy Frip design
  • Easy to clean
Um, SUPER easy to clean! I do not receommend letting your protein shake sit for a say in the Blender Bottle because it is gross (husband is not good at rising things out), but I just rinsed it out with water and NOTHING stuck to it! The bottle reminds me of a teflon pan, it just slides right off!

So if you like to cook, make shakes, etc, this is a great buy for you! Although I hate to think Christmas is coming in a few months this would be a great Christmas gift! Buys yours now!!

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