Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sears Hometown Store Review

I had the great honor of reviewing the Sears store in River Falls,WI. Some may say, "a Sear's in River Falls?" Yes there is a Sears store located by Shopko. The Sears has been in that location for 15 years and is locally owned. They offer a variety of items. They have appliances, snow blowers, lawn tractors, tools, TVs, and more!

I walked in and was immediately greeted with a warm welcome.(Before I announced who I was) While I am not looking for any apppliances, I did find numerous lawn games that were 75% off! They had a variety of items, and a great deal of items on cleareance, one of my favorite things!

The store was VERY clean and well kept. I told my husband I will be very happy if I can fit a stroller through the aisles. That is one thing as a mom that I dislike, going to a store and not being able to even push an umbrella stroller around. I am happy to report there was plenty of space! While the store is small, they have a lot of things in there, and have really organized it well.

I liked the hometown feel, and know that if I was a regular customer they would probably be the store to call me by name and to know all my information.

Sears also offers a rewards program.The rewards card does not need a credit check, and it is good at Lands End, and Kmart too! You will receive 1 point for every eligible $1 you spend. One thing I thought that was super neat when using my card (that I orinally got for Kmart, but found out I can use at Sears!!) when you use the card it asks if you want a copy of your reciept or to have it emailed to you, or both! Way to be green! I think that is a great feature.

Also Sears in River Falls is on Facebook! Please ADD THEM and tell them I sent you! Plus as an added bonus for being a Facebook friend, every Thursday the will post a coupon good for Friday and Saturday. They also post various deals on their page so you can know what is happening in the store!

I highly receommend everyone that is in need of appliances, tools, lawn care items, etc, to check them out! It is a great business, and I love that they are locally owned and so friendly.

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