Friday, September 30, 2011

Arm Pocket Sport 20 review

I received the pink Arm Pocket Sport 20 to review. When I run there is always something I wish that I could bring with me but don't have a place to put anything. I also didn't have a place for my I Pod and after sticking it my bra strap it is starting to rust from the sweat. So I needed something that could keep my I Pod dry and also carry the things I need on a run.

The Arm Pocket Sport 20 is great! It fits all that I need, I have my music, my inhaler, chap stick, Kleenex, ID, house key, gels, and there is still room! There is a great little hole on the bottom for my ear bud wires to come out of. Everything fit neatly in the pockets that are inside and is easy to get too. It keeps everything safe, and keeps it off my skin so it is not getting ruined with sweat. As you can see in the picture above there is also a GREAT reflective ring around it that just glows from my camera flash. So this is great for late evening running or early morning so people know I am there. 

I was a little worried about comfort, since I had read online that other brands people did not find them comfortable.  The Arm Pocket has a Patented V-Strap that has memory foam padding that contours to your arm. This also works for a resistance against slipping. It has moisture wicking edges that help to keep you cool and dry. I found that all of that was true. While the first minute was a little odd to get used to something on my arm, and my ear bud wires in a different location, I quickly forgot that it was there. It was super comfortable and did not move at all. I ran over 3 1/2 miles and never once needed to adjust it. 

Besides it being comfortable, convenient, very responsibly price, it is also Eco Friendly! The fabric is recycled, and the moisture wicking material is made from Bamboo Rayon Fabric.

You also do not have to have and touch screen I Pod to use this. As you can see in my picture, I have the SUPER ancient I Pod Nano (the original thats how ancient it is) and the Arm Pocket works great with that too. It holds it in place, and I can easily push all the buttons I need. 

I would recommend the Arm Pocket to anyone! It would be great for running, walking, hiking, biking, ect. 

(I did receive the Arm Pocket Sport 20 free in exchange for my review. However all the opinions are mine and mine alone.)

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