Monday, June 13, 2011

How I shop

Want to know how Hudson's Coupon Lady get ready for a shopping trip? I will tell you:)I have been debating on whether or not I should tell you how I shop, for fear you will venture away and no long visit my site, but I figured that you should all have the proper tools to save the most. I just hope you will continue to check in every week, for the deals that I have posted, notes and of course the freebies and giveaways!! 

So, first I go through the weekly ads and make a list of the things I need that are on sale. I than visit We Use, I click on the "Find Coupons" than "Coupon Database" tabs. Once here, I enter in the brand or name of the item that I am looking to purchase. I than get a list of all coupons available to me! This can be printable coupons or coupons from the paper, and sometimes other sources. (NOTE: This data base is for our state and although 99% of the time we have the coupons available, sometimes they were not in out papers or were a different amount) 

After I have the coupons that I need, I make a list. I usually type it because it can get a bit messy. I make a list of what I am buying and what amount off I am going to be getting with coupons and how many coupons I have for that item. (In case I am able to stack coupons) That way, when I am at the store, I can look at the price to double check and know what it will cost with me with what I am getting off. 

I get all my items, and find an aisle that is not busy. I go through all my coupons and make sure I have all my coupons ready and the correct amount of items. I try and find a line that is not full and someone that looks like they are in a good mood. (I usually have a large stack of coupons) I also watch to make sure the correct amount is being taken off on the register. (NOTE: Some Target coupons will say Store Coupon $0.00, don't worry your coupon is working and it will show on your receipt.) 

That is how I get ready for a shopping trip and do my shopping! Did I miss anything? Any questions? 
Next to come is how I organize my coupons:)

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