Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where to get online coupons

These are different sites that I use to get coupons. It is nice and easy, all you do is click and print.

Our Family Brand Coupons

There are many other sites but these are the main sites to get printable coupons. The majority of the other sites will have coupons listed and they link back to one of these sites.
You will need to download the coupon software the first time you try to print coupons, it only takes a few minutes! 

Also the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune have sunday inserts. These are great coupons and they are not always online. I think it is worth buying both newspapers since you will be making your investment back within a couple coupons! (they do have slighty different coupons in each newspaper Star Tribune has more) Watch the mail! Family Fresh and County Market send out coupon books every few months that offer HUGE savings.Also Smart Source and Redplum send out a coupon in the mail.

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