Saturday, March 5, 2011

Book Review

I received the book A Conversation with God for Women, by Marcia Ford for Free in exchange for my review on my blog and for a review on a commercial site. There is another review on Amazon if you care to read that review along with others. Although I did receive this book for free, all of my opinions are mine and only mine. 

The book is about women asking God and Jesus 55 questions. They are questions like " God, why don't you just reveal yourself"? "Why did you come to earth anyway"? "Is there a purpose in life"? There is a wide variety of questions and all are answered from God, Jesus and others that lived in that time on earth. 

I have mixed emotions about this book.It was nice to have questions answered and it was nice to feel like I was having a conversation with a friend in the present time. 

What I did not like was that the author wrote the book for God and Jesus and the others in the book. She did not live during that time, so how does she personally know these answers while the rest of us are in the dark? I also do not like that God and Jesus answer some of the questions as though they are the only good in the world. My own personal beliefs are that if they were still on earth today, they would not talk down to us like some of the answers in the book do. 

It is hard to decide whether or not to recommend this book. Is is nice to know more, but do I REALLY know more? The Author does not really know the answers so how can she tell me what God and Jesus are saying?


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