Friday, February 25, 2011

Purex Complete Crystal's Softener Review

I am a Purex Insider, I do receive complimentary samples from the Purex Brand but my opinions are definitely mine and mine alone!That said I received in the mail today a sample of Purex's new Complete Crystals Softener. I instantly stripped my sheets off the bed so that I could try it!

My daughter asked me why I was putting rocks into the washer, I explained to her that they were special rocks. You see the Complete Crystals softener is just that, little crystals that remind me of bath salts. I was nervous to add them to the wash once I opened the bottle, because my husband and I get frequent migraines and I already had the start of one. The smell of the Crystals was very strong, it smelled great but it was very powerful. I still added it because I wanted to know the end results. I am glad that I did, after the drying cycle I remade my bed and laid down to see about the fragrance. I was happy to discover that while I could smell the fragrance it was no longer over bearing. It was actually very calming to lay there and breathe in the scent. If I did not have 2 kids yelling for me to come back to reality I would have been relaxed enough to fall asleep.
Which, I am very excited for bed time tonight so that I can rest my head on my pillow that now smells oh so great!

Enough about me, here is some information about Purex Complete Crystals Softener that makes it even better. Traditional fabric softeners like Downy and Snuggle are oil-based, this means that they work by coating the fabric in oil. Well, that oil builds up and this allows dirt and debris to stick to our fabrics. Who wants to dry off after a shower only to spread dirt on themselves? Purex Crystals is 92% natural and it is NOT oil-based. The Crystals penetrate the fabrics and gets infused with the fibers leaving your sheets, clothes, etc smelling fresh for weeks, not days.

Kids sleepwear must meet Flame-retardent standards, listed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Purex Complete Crystals Softener is the first major fabric softener that is 100% safe to use on kids sleepwear, as it will not impair the flame-retardant qualities.

Back to the fact that it is not oil-based this also means that you will not get the build up on your towels that often causes the towel to stop being absorbent. Your work out clothes that draw the mouisture away from the body can stop working with oil-based softeners. Purex Complete Crystals does not have this effect on fabrics, so your active and athletic wear will stay the way it is suppose to.

I highly recommend trying this product. I was skeptical at first because of the strong smell, but like I said after the complete laundry cycle was finished it was very pleasnt. It is also very conveniet in that you can throw it in right when you put in your detergent, you don't have to wait till mid cycle.


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