Monday, November 21, 2011

Soap Much Love Holiday Review

Ada from Soap Much Love sent me 2 great Holiday soaps to review. All of her soaps are so amazing. You can read my previous  review here.All the designs are so thought out and so beautiful. The scents are so delicious too!

The first soap she sent me was the Hot Cocoa Cup. Smelling it I had to make a cup of hot chocolate, because the smell is so mouth watering. It reminds me of a creamy cup of hot chocolate with a hint of mint. The design is super cute as well. All it needs is a handle and it would look exactly like a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows included!!  I think this soap would be great gift this Christmas/Holiday season. I think this would be a great Stocking stuffer, great in guests gift baskets, guest bathrooms, teacher gift and so for so much more!

The second soap she sent me was the Christmas Spirit with Champagne fragrance. I was unsure what the scent was at first, but knew it was something sweet. When I found out it was Champagne Fragrance, it was a perfect fit for what I was smelling. It smells sweet and bubbly.These Soaps will be great through out the Holiday season placed anywhere you wash your hands. I love the hearts she carves into the soaps, adding a personal touch to every soap too.

I recommend you visit her Etsy Shop to see all the items she has available. Also head over to Facebook and Like her page. You will get updates on all the soaps she is creating, be able to give input on scents she should try and more. 

I think the Holiday season will be much more fun to give gifts and wash your hands with Soap Much Love. 

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